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Imaginhero Worksheets: Ninjastache. Face a fear by learning to laugh at it.

Imaginhero Worksheets: Ninjastache. Face a fear by learning to laugh at it.

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The Imaginhero worksheet guide children to develop visualizations that help them manage stressful situations. In Ninjastache, we visualize ways to laugh when faced with someone we find intimidating.

About Imaginhero

Imaginhero™ is the card game where you battle to save your friends from negativity. The gameplay is built on underlying principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Each part of the game works to instill patterns of positive thinking, develop empathy, and encourage players to visualize new ways of thinking about challenging situations.

The Imaginhero worksheets provide a framework to help parents, therapists, and educators explore the underlying concepts behind the game in greater depth. They also guide the child to develop their own visualizations to manage stressful situations, as well as explore their own behavior and identify areas they’d like to change.

About Ninjastache

If there’s one thing we can use to overcome fear, it is laughter. Humor helps us obtain perspective on scary things and, once we’ve found a way to laugh at them, it’s hard to find them quite as scary.

In Imaginhero, Ninjastache is a power that makes scary things ridiculous. Picture someone you find intimidating, and then picture them with an enormous stick-on mustache; maybe make it bright yellow, or rainbow-hued. Laughter disengages the fear in our brains, and gives us space to respond more calmly.

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