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Cards for Calm

Daily Self-Care For Dads: Easy, quick exercises that empower new fathers to balance parenting with self-care.

Daily Self-Care For Dads: Easy, quick exercises that empower new fathers to balance parenting with self-care.

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Easy, quick, daily exercises to help new fathers focus on self-care.

This unique self-help journal is designed to empower new dads with effective and efficient self-care routines, all while fitting seamlessly into their busy lives. Recognizing that time is a precious resource, this journal offers six carefully crafted prompts each day, each taking just a few minutes.

The emphasis on quick yet impactful tasks ensures that even amidst the demands of parenthood, dads can prioritize self-care; something often neglected in the whirlwind of parenting.

Provide the new father in your life with a valuable tool to maintain their well-being, find balance in their roles, and ultimately, become the best dads they can be.

Navigating Fatherhood

No one would pretend that being a new father is easy but, with this book, we hope it can be easier.

It is all too easy to become overwhelmed as a parent. Whether your child is a newborn, toddler, elementary, or middle school, it can be easy to lose track of those things that are important to you. It can be easy to lose your sense of self, and feel like you’re disappearing as a person.

We also know that, as a new father, time is in short supply. So we’ve designed this book that you can complete a page in just a few minutes.

This book presents you with 6 areas of your life that may be suffering as you balance the many responsibilities of being a father, and even just picking 1 or 2 a day can help you stay on track with the things parents most often neglect.

How To Use This Book

This book asks you to focus on 6 important areas of your life. It isn’t necessary to complete these every day, or to answer all 6. Just 1 or 2 a day, a few days a week, will help you move forward and ensure you don’t neglect those areas of your life that help you define your sense of self.

There are 6 areas for each day, but only answer as many as you feel you need to on that day. Your answers could be a single word, bullet points, or complete sentences, whichever feels most natural for you.

Remember: Progress is made through small steps, not great leaps.

Being a New Father

New fathers may struggle with a variety of things as they navigate the early stages of fatherhood. You may find you’re struggling with some, or even all, of these:

Lack of Sleep

Newborns require frequent feedings and diaper changes, which can disrupt sleep patterns. Fathers may struggle to adjust to the new sleep schedule and feel exhausted.

Lack of Experience

Many new fathers may not have had much experience with babies before becoming a parent. This can lead to uncertainty about how to care for a newborn and anxiety about making mistakes.

Balancing Work and Family

Fathers may struggle to find a balance between their job and their new role as a parent. They may worry about taking time off work or not being able to provide financially for their family.

Emotional Adjustment

Becoming a parent can bring about a range of emotions, including joy, fear, and anxiety. Fathers may struggle to process these emotions and find ways to cope.

Relationship Changes

The arrival of a new baby can bring about changes in a couple's relationship. Fathers may struggle to adjust to their new role as a parent and find ways to maintain a strong relationship with their partner.

Role Adjustment

Fathers may struggle to adjust to their new role as a parent and figure out how to balance their own needs with those of their child. They may also struggle to find ways to bond with their child and develop a strong relationship.

It's important to note that every new father's experience is unique, and some may not experience these struggles at all. It's also important to seek support and guidance from trusted sources, such as partners, family members, or healthcare providers, if you are experiencing any difficulties adjusting to fatherhood.

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