How To Play

Round 1

Deal each player 1 Character and 2 Power cards. Then deal them each 1 Echo card and 1 Character they are overwhelming.

Pick your Power card, based on the best combination of MP, shield, and Bonus. If a Power’s Bonus matches the Echo’s source, that Power receives a boost in battle.

Roll the dice or, once per round, the purple Ultra dice, and add your roll to the bonus if it matches the Echo’s source.


Move the character down the PN bar by your total.

Each Echo has their own attack strength, plus a bonus if their source matches the vulnerability of the character they’re overwhelming.

Try to deflect their attack with your Power’s shield. If your shield is raised, deduct your shield strength from the Echo’s attack.

Hit a Trigger Point and you play a Trigger card. These situations can be a boost to a Hero, but also to an Echo.

If your Hero’s Strength matches the Trigger card, move your hero up that many points on the Power card.

And if the Echo’s source matches the Trigger card, move the character up that many points on the Echo card.

Players take turns until either the PN or MP bar is drained.

If your MP bar is drained, you lose the round. Return your Power, and the Echo and Character card you were facing, to the bottom of their decks.

If you drain the Echo’s PN bar, you’ve won the round! Return your Power card to the bottom of the deck, put the defeated Echo card to the side, and the rescued Character joins your hero.

Round 2

Deal each player a new Power card, and another Echo and Character card.

Choose the Power and Hero to battle the second Echo.

Play the second round to the same rules as the first.

If playing alone, keep playing and defeat as many Echoes as you can.

If playing with friends, the game ends after 2 rounds. Each player counts up the PN of their defeated Echoes. The winner is the player who defeated the 2 strongest Echoes.