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Imaginhero: Fight Negativity

Imaginhero: Fight Negativity

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Imaginhero is the game where you fight negativity.

Team up with Jay, Kai, Aditi, and their friends when they find themselves face-to-face with the Echoes - twisted villains who are driven by the negative thoughts that torment them.

A game for 1-4 players, ages 8+.

When the Echoes lash out and overwhelm one of your team, you must select your empathy-charged superpowers to battle them, being careful not to hit trigger points.

Players equip their Heroes with Imaginhero Powers to battle the Echoes who have overwhelmed their friends. Working together, players use their empathy points to diminish the Echoes’ pain and free their captives.

  • Use superpowers to battle the monstrous Echoes and free your friends.
  • Play as different characters, pick your superpower, and use your Empathy Points to rescue your friends.
  • The card game for positive mental health.
  • Each superpower conveys an underlying technique or CBT principle that can help a person deal with anxiety, aggression, stressful situations, or negative thoughts.
  • The monsters are personifications of negative behaviors and patterns of thinking.



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