Story & Mission

Our company ​​exists to help people find better ways to deal with negativity and anxiety.

Our products:

  • Build emotional resilience.
  • Change negative patterns of thinking.
  • Make cognitive behavioral therapy accessible.

The Game

Our new card game, Imaginhero™, helps children imagine superpowers that change how they respond to stressful situations.

A turn-based battle card game for 1 to 4 players, it helps kids aged 8+ develop the tools they need to help them develop healthy emotional responses to challenging situations.

Fun to play, Imaginhero™ is rooted in widely-used, and well-evidenced, therapeutic approaches used in cognitive behavioral therapy.

The gameplay is designed to help develop emotional intelligence and empathy. Each of the Power cards is based on an underlying visualization that promotes positive thinking, and each of the Echo cards represents an unhealthy response to an overwhelming emotion.

It’s designed to be an accessible and engaging way of helping kids face their fears, and develop healthy ways of dealing with pain, using well-established and evidence-based approaches to improving mental health.

Players equip their Heroes with Imaginhero Powers to battle the Echoes, who have overwhelmed their friends. Players use their empathy points to diminish the Echoes’ pain and free their victims.

Company Facts

  • Founded in 2016 in San Juan Capistrano, CA.
  • A family-run business whose products help people manage anxiety and rethink their approaches to problems.
  • First product, Cards for Calm™, was a therapy tool using techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.
  • Over 18,000 decks sold through retailers in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.
  • Growing focus on developing tools for mental health professionals working with younger clients.

Cards for Calm™ and Imaginhero™ are registered trademarks of Cards for Calm LLC.

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Suitable for ages 5+, Imaginhero 60 Second Superpowers are 1 minute guided meditations that help imagine superpowers. Each of the superpower is designed to help manage anxiety and better deal with confrontation.

Each session teaches a meditation technique presented as a superpower. Whether that’s freezing fear in its tracks, calming yourself when you feel anxiety rise, or creating a shield to block other people’s negativity.

The short length and use of superhero narrative are especially helpful for children to stay engaged and to remember the techniques when faced with a stressful situation.



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Classroom Worksheets

Alongside the launch of the game, we have also released a series of classroom worksheets.

These worksheets help students develop self-awareness and self-management in line with the first of the five social emotional learning (SEL) core competencies.

They can be used either as part of an established SEL curriculum, or as a stand-alone activity.


Customer Demographics

  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Social workers
  • School Counselors
  • K-12 Educators
  • Addiction centers
  • Parents
  • Individuals

Product Assets

Product photos can be found here:

Imaginhero Preview Trailer

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What our customers say about our products.

Therapists & Educators

  • “I’m a clinical therapist, and this game is awesome in my small groups for processing anxiety and life stressors.”
  • “Love to use these with parenting group to reinforce coping skills.”
  • “The cards are some of the best I’ve seen and everyone loves using them!!”
  • “This product is an amazing tool for my teen clients.”
  • “Very helpful and a useful therapy tool to help children during their counseling sessions.”
  • “Great tool to use with clients to build mindfulness and positive thinking skills, thanks!”
  • “great to use with kids and teens”
  • “I love these cards. I use them with my clients all the time.”
  • “These cards are great for group therapy. They go along way and my residents love when we use them.”
  • “I enjoy using with both therapy groups and individuals.”
  • “A must have therapeutic tool!”
  • “The therapists and the clients found the cards very useful in sessions.”
  • “Great for parenting class.”
  • “works great in my class”
  • “We are a Middle School and we love this product.”

Individuals & Parents

  • “I was recommended CBT and I’m a geek so these are really nice to have.”
  • “I love having these cards around for when my grief makes me feel anxious. Very helpful!”
  • “These cards are great to help a kid start thinking like a superhero. They can work for adults, too.”
  • “it’s like a perfect pocket pack that will help you thru tough sh*t.”
  • “Perfect for helping my superhero loving 7yo. Thank you so much!”
  • “Amazing product! Everyone should have one of this!”
  • “Great parenting tool, that parents can use too!”
  • “My grandson has been using and, reading them, he’s 8 years old and already has started to look at life in a new way from using these!”
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