How To Play

Everyday problems. Extraordinary superpowers.

Trouble Concentrating?

Picture your focus as an arrow you send flying toward your target. Imagine your distractions are henchmen you brush aside.

Slipping Into Bad Habits?

Separate yourself from your worst side by imagining it’s your evil clone. Fight them back with your superpowers so your superhero self can shine through.

Faced With a Bully?

Turn your body to stone if you want to stand your ground, then call on your friends to make up a superhero team.

Feeling Anxious?

Trap the source of your anxiety inside a block of ice with your freeze-ray. Blast free of it with your rocket-boots.

Single Player Rules

Face a Challenge

Pick a Question card and think about the challenge it describes. Find it’s Answer card and discover superpowers that can defeat anxiety, bad habits, loneliness, negative thinking.

Power Up!

Imagine having these powers. Develop your own that make you stronger. Be your own hero.

Play IRL

When faced with a challenge in real life, think of your superhero power for the strength to overcome it. The more you play, the more powers you’ll have.

Multi-Player Rules

Assemble Your Hero Team

Players take it in turns to be the hero of the team. The hero picks a Question card at random and reads it to the team, along with the Answer card.

Power Up Your Imagination

Using the ideas on the Answer card, team members suggest superpowers that will solve the problem. Get creative. Let your imagination run wild. The more you describe a superpower, the stronger it will be.

Team Players are Winners

The hero awards the Question card to the player they think gave the best answer, and the player with the most cards wins. The way to win is to run your imagination in overdrive and help your friends overcome problems!