Think Like a Superhero

Ever faced a problem so big it seemed impossible? Or been continually distracted as you tried to get things done? Play Imaginhero and you can solve these problems like a superhero!


Turn anger into super-strength, raise forcefields to block negativity, meet new people with the confidence of a superhero, stop negative thoughts with a freeze-ray, use your laser vision to laser focus on a task. Each superpower you imagine is something you can use to help you deal with challenges in your everyday life.

The Imaginhero logo

Imaginhero is a therapy tool that teaches kids how to use visualization, creative thinking, and mindfulness to deal with anxiety, stress, and confrontation. It teaches them that imagination is their superpower.

A deck of cards, Imaginhero is designed for people aged 7 and over who are looking for ways to deal with stress or anxiety, whether they’re working through this alone, in a group, with a therapist, a counselor, or an educator.

The Imaginhero logo


Imaginhero uses techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a form of treatment that’s suitable for people of all ages. CBT focuses on modifying the dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and thoughts of an individual.

Our thoughts and perceptions influence our behavior, and CBT is structured to help people identify when they are having unhelpful thoughts, then develop alternative ways of thinking that positively influence behavior.

This can be a difficult thing to do. Imaginhero makes this easier through a familiar framework of superhero stories. To be an Imaginhero, all you need to do is focus on something that is causing you anxiety, and imagine a superpower that can overcome it.

The Imaginhero logo

The Imaginhero logo




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