Fly High

Social distancing, lockdown, and the invisible threat of COVID-19 is a cause of anxiety for so many children. The impact on them includes disruption to their school and home life, not being able to see friends, loss of after school activities, reduced opportunity for alone time, and so much more.

Visualizations can help someone see things from a different perspective, reframe a situation, and develop a new way of understanding their relationship to it.

The COVID Powers series offers visualizations and relaxation techniques designed to help children find their inner strength and calm as they (and we) adapt to our new normal.

The Fly High visualization helps children gain perspective on the current situation. It reaffirms that everyone is working together, even if we are apart, to protect one another from the risk of infection.

Settle In

If a child is anxious about the situation, it can be a good idea to practice the visualization in a moment when they are calm. They’ll be more receptive to the idea and more able to immerse themselves in the visualization. If they’re already in a state of heightened anxiety, try to calm them as best you can and then begin.

Have them sit or lie somewhere they are comfortable. Let them know they can close their eyes or keep them open. Have them take a deep breath in, expanding their stomach and their chest. Hold it for one, two, three. Then breathe all the way out.


It’s a hard time. We can’t do the things we want. We can’t see friends or family. It can feel overwhelming. A virus is something we can’t see, and sometimes even the act of stepping outside feels dangerous..

We all feel vulnerable  because of Coronavirus. It can feel like there’s nowhere safe. That no one is there to protect you.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Fly High

2 - Fly High_1x

We’re going to imagine you have a superpower that lets you see just how protected you are.

First, imagine yourself crouching down. Arms wrapped around your legs, head tucked in, curled tight into a ball. Tense all of your muscles and squeeze your eyes shut. Let all of your tension flood into your muscles, and you can use this to charge up your superpower.

When you’re as tense as you can be, relax your whole body and imagine you’re looking up into the sky. Raise your hands high. As the tension drops from your body, all that energy pushes against the floor and propels you up. It pushes you into the air, sending you flying into the sky.

Picture yourself flying up above your house. Soaring over your street. You’re so high you can look down on your neighborhood.

And there you stop. Hovering, effortlessly and safely, in the air.


3 - Neighborhood_1x

If you look down you can see your neighborhood. It’s spread out below you like a map. You can see that the streets are quiet. The sidewalks are quiet.

The few people you can see outside are carrying out essential work. They’re making sure people get medical care. That food and parcels are delivered. That garbage is collected. They’re making sure everyone sheltering at home has everything they need. That they can stay home and stay safe.

The world may seem scary, but there are heroes out there keeping you safe. And they’re not the only ones.

Heroes Everywhere

4 - Neighborhood X-Ray_1x

You’ve already imagined your power of flight. Now, imagine your power of x-ray vision. Look down on the houses in your neighborhood. Look through the roofs and attics, and see inside. 

All around your neighborhood are hundreds of unseen heroes. They’re being heroes by staying at home. By sacrificing seeing their friends and family. By not going to work, or working from home if they can.

They’re keeping their friends and family safe. They’re keeping strangers safe. They’re keeping you safe.

You can find heroes everywhere if you know how to look for them.

And you’re one of them. You’re a hero. You’re a being a hero just by staying at home. You’re protecting people and keeping them safe.

You may have needed your imagination to fly. You may have needed your imagination to use your x-ray vision. But it doesn’t take any imagination to see that you’re a hero.

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