Be A Classroom Superhero

The Imaginhero Classroom Superhero Worksheet is a free resource that helps you and your child develop coping strategies to make being in a new classroom, or any new environment, easier.

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The worksheet will help your child find ways to feel empowered through identifying their Classroom Superpower. Together you can talk through what special quality they bring to their class. Whether it’s firing Rainbows of Happiness from their fingertips or radiating Ocean Waves of Calm, they can create visualizations that help them deal with difficult situations.

As well as imagining how they can use their Classroom Superpower to help themselves, encourage them to think about how their superpower could be used to help others. If they see another student who is struggling or nervous, ask them ton imagine using their power to offer encouragement and support before they go over to help.

The pack includes a printable sheet, superhero mask, and Hero ID cards in both color and black and white versions.

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Imaginhero Classroom Superhero

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